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Frequently asked questions

Do I pay for damages or pay a deposit?

We do not take a deposit in advance or on the day of the event, a maximum liability of £1500 for the R7/R6/MT and £2500.00 for the R1/NIKEN applies in the novice and intermediate groups, these amounts are doubled if riding in the advanced group. This this the maximum and small damages will only be charged at the replacement part cost. This is payable only in the event of damages occurring.

In the event of any damage to hired equipment (not motorcycles), the following amounts are payable:

Leather suit - £150.00

Gloves - £50.00

Boots - £50.00

Helmet - £50.00

Back protector - £50.00

Tyre warmers - £100.00

Paddock Stand - £50.00


Can I reduce the damage liability?

Yes, you can reduce the maximum liability by 50% if you wish to pay a £39.00 waiver fee on the day of the event when signing on. 


Terms and conditions of track bike hire and equipment hire

  • I wish to ride motorcycles hired to me by TBHUK Ltd, on a closed circuit as part of a track riding event (‘track day).

  • Motorsport is hazardous and that I am voluntarily exposing myself to risk of personal injury, and the risk of damage or loss by participating.

  • Competitive riding and / or racing is prohibited and that the purpose of the track day is to allow the participants improve their skills and to learn the riding characteristics of the motorcycle they are using.

  • Any insurance carried by TBHUK Ltd or the Track Day Organiser, in respect of any liability that may arise from taking part in the track day, will be limited. My own motor, third party, or liability insurance is unlikely to cover any losses or liabilities that I may incur while taking part in the track day, but such insurance is available from specialist brokers.

  • TBHUK Ltd is not a training organisation and do not offer riding advice.

  • TBHUK Ltd will give guidance on, and enforce where required, the track day organisers rules and safety standards, but cannot enforce the on track discipline or control the competence of other participants.

  • It is the hirer’s / rider’s responsibility to ensure compliance and eligibility with the track day / event organisers rules, regulations, terms, and conditions.

  • By signing the agreement, the rider declares that they are able, and suitably experienced, to ride the hired motorcycle in a safe manner.

  • The rider must hold a current driving licence, entitling them to use the same motorcycle on UK public roads that they are hiring from TBHUK Ltd.

  • In the event of a motorcycle not being available due to circumstances beyond our control, Track Bike Hire will provide a suitable alternative motorcycle.

  • Track Bike Hire does not guarantee exclusive use of a motorcycle, at busy periods the same motorcycle may be used by other customers in different groups.

  • The rider agrees to use the hired motorcycle in safe and mechanically sympathetic manner, if the event organiser or TBHUK Ltd staff believe this is not the case, the motorcycle will be withdrawn from use and no refund will be given.

  • The hirer agrees to be financially responsible for any accidental damage to the motorcycle and equipment belonging to TBHUK Ltd during the hire agreement term, however caused, up to the damage liability amount stated on the hire agreement.

  • The damage liability amount does not apply to intentional damage, this would include, but is not limited to, damage or excessive wear and tear caused by the mistreatment of equipment, intentional wheelies, burnouts, or inconsiderate / dangerous riding. In the case of intentional damage, the whole cost of repair is payable, and is in addition to the accidental damage liability.

  • If the motorcycle sustains damage, the costs will be calculated and the hirer notified. If the bike can be repaired, and the hirer wishes to continue riding, then the hirer will be required to sign another hire agreement, so a new damage liability amount, and waiver charge, is payable. 

  • In the event of TBHUK Ltd cancelling a booking, any refund due is limited to the value of the payment made to TBHUK Ltd, no other costs will be paid.

  • Should any rider / hirer, or anyone in their party, behave in a manner likely to cause upset to any other person, the hire agreement will be cancelled immediately and no refund given.

  • Bookings cancelled over 28 days before the event will incur a £50.00 per rider administration fee, with the balance  given as a credit note. This credit can be used as payment towards any Moto Events product, in the 12 calendar months following the cancellation date. Bookings cancelled within 28 days of the event are forfeited with no credit note or refund given. In the event of a 'no show' the booking is considered to be fulfilled, and no credit note or refund will be given.

  • Dates are subject to change, in the event of a date changing the customer will be notified of the new date using the email address on the booking.

  • I will not participate in the track day whilst under the influence of any intoxicating substance whilst using a bike hired to me by TBHUK Ltd.

  • By signing this agreement, I authorise the Track Day Organiser to share my personal information with TBHUK Ltd and its representatives.

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